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The decree for the establishment and introduction of the Net Metering ( Energy Compensation ) in our country signed 12.30.2014 .

With the implementation of this decision, is now appealing the self-production of energy from photovoltaic systems and was first established energy compensation (net-metering). Through this program it is possible to install photovoltaic systems from auto to meet their own needs, by applying energy clearing (net-metering) and utilization to reduce energy costs for electricity consumers.

The Ministry. Decision inter alia provides:
• autoproduction Middle and Low Voltage.
• Only in photovoltaic systems.
• The maximum power is 20 KW or if more than 20 KW power can be up to 50% of the agreed power consumption of the service.
• The limits vary for the non-interconnected system with maximum power for the non-interconnected islands while the 20KW while in Crete the 50KW.
• For bodies performing charitable work in the prescribed statutory preconditions the AR allows to exploit their agreed power consumption of the service.
• Installation of self-production can make anyone in points allowed under the provisions of the law. (ie. not limited to roofs)
• The self-producers would pay ETMEAR only for electricity overall absorb from the Network or System.
• The energy clearing will take place annually in electricity bill of an Auto.
According to the Ministerial Decision, photovoltaic systems can install both owners and tenants, while very beneficial is the provision for annual time off Generated by consumed by the Self-Producer energy.

According to the Ministerial Decision, the validity of each photovoltaic system may amount, in the interconnected system until 20 kWp or up to 50% of the agreed power consumption (Power Photovoltaic (kWp) ≤0,5 * Contracted Power Consumption (kVA)), where the value is greater than the aforementioned limit of 20 kWp, with a maximum of 500kW.

Especially in non-interconnected islands, the power of systems installed under the program may be up to 10 kWp, especially for Crete to 20 kWp, or up to 50% of the agreed power consumption, where the value is greater as upper limit of 10 kWp or 20 kWp. In any case, the power of a photovoltaic system to be installed under the Program to non-interconnected islands may not exceed a maximum of 50 kWp for Crete and 20 kWp for other non-interconnected islands.


In any case, the power of a photovoltaic system will be installed under Program Interconnected System and Network may not exceed the ceiling of para. 1 of Article 14A of Law. 3468/2006 (500 kWp), as applicable.


Especially for legal persons, public or private, seeking charitable or other public interest purposes, general or local scale, the maximum power of each PV system can be up to 100% of the agreed power consumption.


The following should also be noted:

     These apply to fixed photovoltaic systems which are installed on the same or adjacent area with drinking establishments which supply, connected to the network. Photovoltaic systems can be installed on buildings or on land or other structures, including those of the primary sector, according to the current planning legislation.

• Right inclusion in the provisions of this are individuals (traders or not) or legal public or private persons or owning the space where the photovoltaic system installed or have its legal use (eg lease free concessions, etc.) and have ensured the written consent of the owner of the site.

• Each photovoltaic system is assigned exclusively to a consumption meter.

    The Energy Clearing Agreement, hereinafter netting agreement, concluded between the autoproduction and supplier with whom he has contracted the auto-producer for the supply of electricity to the installation consumption, for twenty-five (25) years, with effect from the date of activation of Association photovoltaic system. To conclude netting agreement must be preceded Association Convention on the photovoltaic system with the Transmission Network and full payment of electricity bills of the relevant suppliers or integration into debt restructuring scheme for the relevant Supplier. A prerequisite for the activation of the photovoltaic system is an active provider of consumption in the area where the system is installed, the name of an Auto.

• Allow the transition from the "Special program development of photovoltaic systems in buildings and especially roofs and roofs of buildings" of paragraph 3 of article 14 of L.3468 / 2006 on energy netting provisions laid down in the above decision. In this case concluded new Clearing Agreement as per Article 3 of that decision, for the remaining period of 25 years against the original Convention Clearing. Coexistence is not permitted on the same systems consumption counter current "Special program for the development of photovoltaic systems in buildings and especially roofs and roofs of buildings" with systems installed in accordance with the provisions hereof.

• A prerequisite for integrating the provisions of the above Decision is the full payment of electricity bills of the relevant suppliers or integration into debt restructuring scheme for the relevant electricity supplier.

• To be credited to the special account of Article 40 of L.2773 / 1999, any surplus energy from the auto, which results from annual energy offset, subject to paragraph 4 of Article 14 A of n. 3468/2006, calculated monthly unit price which is invoiced this surplus, as follows:
a) For facilities in the Interconnected System of the unit price (€ / MWh) calculated by the Transmission System Operator (ITSO SA) as the average of the previous 12 monthly weighted average prices on the wholesale market of the Interconnected System, based on which suppliers are invited to pay the amounts for the energy of RES and CHP as defined in Article 143, para. 2 of n.4001 / 2011 and in accordance with Decision 14/2014 RAE as applicable.
b) For facilities in non-interconnected islands (MSV), the unit price (€ / MWh) calculated by the Administrator of MSV (DEDDHE SA) as the average of the previous 12 monthly weighted average price of the average monthly variable costs of electricity production from conventional units in each of the electric MSV systems, as determined under the provisions of the Code MSV and the decision of the RAE.
c) The corresponding figures with which the Special Account shall be credited calculated, for although the Interconnected System, the operation of markets (LAGIE SA) in accordance with the specific provisions of the Power Exchange Code, and for non-interconnected islands, by Administrator MSV (DEDDHE AU), according to the specific provisions of the Code for MSV.


Steps for installing and connecting the system to the grid (DEDDHE):

1. To connect the PV system receives a request to DEDDHE (Local Service District).
2. After submitting the application, the Network Operator shall consider the request and shall within one (1) month in wording Promotion Association with the person that includes a description and the cost of the connection works, which is valid for three (3) months from the date of issue.
3. After accepting the Connection Offer signed the Association Agreement between the autoproduction and the Network Operator and the expense is paid. The construction of the connection works completed by DEDDHE SA within one (1) month from the signing of the Association Agreement, provided that no new Network projects are required.
4. After signing the Association Agreement applying for a Convention Clearing to the Supplier, in which insured persons autoproducer` for installing consumption, as provided in the relevant decision. The signing of the netting agreement completed within fifteen (15) days of receipt of the request.
5. To enable the connection of photovoltaic system ypovalletaiaitima to DEDDHE (Local Service District), with opoiosynypovallontai:

i. copy of the Clearing Agreement,

ii. responsible appropriate specialty engineering statement for the entire system, with attachments: a) technical description of how to avoid the phenomenon of islanding,

b) single line circuit diagram of the facility,

c) the regulation of voltage and frequency range in which the inverter should remain within. These arrangements should navriskontai within the limits of + 15% to -20% of nominal voltage and +0,5 Hz to -0,5 Hz nominal frequency (for MSV limits -2.5 Hzeos 1, 5Hz). Also the affirmation should be stated that in cases where the settings the inverter will switch off (automatic disconnection) with the following timings:

a. disconnection of the inverter in 0.5 seconds,

b. epanazefxi inverter after three minutes,

c. a reference to the year of the protection against islanding, which should not exceed 5 seconds,

iii. affirmation of an Auto stating that throughout the life of the PV will not modify the settings declared under the requirements of the case ii of this paragraph.

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